La Dolce Vita

Drawing on memories of balmy summer evenings, when the air is scented with jasmine and the sea, Bella’s latest capsule collection is grounded in nostalgia and romance. Continuing on from the main collection of precious stones and metals, gold heart-shaped lockets designed to be customised with a letter engraving or stone of your choice are versatile keepsakes, placed on sleeper earrings or gold chain necklaces. Rings are updated with sapphires, tourmaline and rubies, and a pair of signature Chain earrings are given a subtle, delicate makeover. Rose quartz hearts on beaded necklaces inject a breezy new mood to the mix, while the introduction of hair clips in silver or gold are destined to become treasured adornments. Through a rosey lens, La Dolce Vita reminds us to cherish the little things and to revel in romantic gestures - to others and to ourselves. 

Photos by Brigette Clark