Photographer: Brigette Clark

Model: Chiara @ People Agency 

Make-up Artist: Rose LethoHeirloom was conceived on the notion of memory and sentimentality. Drawing from treasures found in family jewellery boxes, the pieces in this collection are intended to be cherished forever, with room for emotional attachment to be formed as they’re worn over time. Bella has introduced the use of more precious stones and materials, in honour of heirlooms, creating jewellery to be nurtured and adored. Through doubling elements, Heirloom shares the embrace of togetherness, as seen in the Crossover Earrings, Double Pearl Earrings and all Fleur pieces, just to name a few.

Throughout Heirloom, the use of sapphires and pearls are prominent, with most gold earrings being available in either gold plating or solid 9ct yellow gold. All stone pieces can be customised to your desires, and the introduction of solid gold necklaces also feature in the collection.  Heirloom crafts precious jewellery pieces, to be enjoyed forever.

Words by Georgia Spanos